Flex Fit Vario 1300

från        24.600:-

Flex Fit Vario 1305

från        25.200:-

Flex Fit 1330

från        25.700:-

Flex Fit Vario 2104

från        26.200:-

Flex Fit Vario 2206

från        28.300:-

Flex Fit Vario 2207

från        26.200:-

Flex Fit Vario 7705

från        26.200:-

Ultra-Flex Pro Line

Western Dressage 1330

från        30.400:-

Ultra-Flex Pro Line

Western Dressage 2104

från        31.500:-

Ultra-Flex  Pro-Line

Western Dressage 7705

från        31.500:-


Westernsadlar med en flexibel och inställbar syntetbom

This innovative saddle has raised the standards for Western Saddle fitting options. It's built on our Flex-Fit tree, which provides maximum stability throughout the spine, yet allows the bars to move slightly with the movement of the horses back. This model is fully adjustable from extra narrow to extra wide. Easily adjust your saddle as your horse is going through muscular structure changes or while it's still growing, when you pause over winter, or many other reasons why a dynamically moving horse will benefit from our enhanced saddle mechanisms.