Enjoy the nature 52 weeks a year

Our intention is to achieve a harmonious coexistence between man and horse regardless of the riding style.

Important is to get a motivated horse, that loves to work and understands his rider. Auxiliary reins are not a solution in our eyes. They only paper over the cracks in your communication and at the end the horse becomes frustrated. It is much more helpful to do a respectful treatment with the horse and knowing about the consequences of your own doing.

We work close to the philosophy of Claus Penquitt (old-californian style)and Sally Swift (Centered Riding®). 

Not only riding, the whole way to handle the horse has consequences for its behavior and your relationship: How do you keep the horse? Fits the saddle and the other staff? Is the horse healthy? How do you treat the horse outside the riding arena? What is your purpose and how do you carry it out? – The answers to all of these questions can have a major impact on the relationship with the horse.

We like to address to every rider, especially hobby-riders, who want to have a closer relationship to a/their horse. Regardless of your equestrian skills, whether beginners, returners or advanced rider, you are welcome. Also the age does not matter. Children (from the age of 5 ) can learn already the responsible use of horses on our farm. Returners or late entrants are welcome to learn horseback riding and all they should know about this “new friend” at an appropriate pace. Man and horse, both get their inevitable time. To reach that individuality we offer usually single lessons. Only with riders of a similar level and problems we do lessons with up to three rides.

Background-knowledge also belongs to our riding lessons like the evolution of riding sport, keeping and day to day handling of a horse doing a diversified education. Therefore we have following elements:

> classic/western dressage

> Groundwork/general horse handling

> Lunge: single/double

> long reins

> trail

> circensik lections

> work with the garrocha

You can get the lessons on one of our horses or on your horse, also at your stable (mobile riding lessons).