Enjoy the nature 52 weeks a year

Andalusian, *01.08.2003. We bought Flamenco in Spain in 2008. He is on a good way to become a great Working-Equitation-Horse. But he has also great pleasure to do tourriding, where he shows his endurance and strong nerves. Actually, he is a „mummy-horse“. 

Tinker/Paint-Mix,*01.01.1999. The little „big“ horse holds many funny things in his mind, so you can have much fun together. He even retrieves better than our dog. At least he is very comfortable to sit.  

*04/2007, Tinker. The pony for the little riders. Not the fastest, but curious. He takes everything in his mouth to test it.

Dülmener Wildhorse/Quarter-Mix, *01.10.1998. Often he behaves, as his name indicates: the head against the wall, just „Rocky“. And he is the herd leader. His wide horseback is very comfortable to ride bareback and his jogg is like heaven on earth...

* 2004, Nordswedish cold blod. He looks bigger than he really is: he weighs nearly 650kg at a size of 1, 5 m. You can feel little earthquakes when he galopps, but he walks across country without any fear.

* 08.2010 Tomcat and mouse hunter. Phoenix came together with Nemo. We didn´t plan that, but now he has found a new home in Buskahult.  He really likes to smooch, when he is not hunting mouses.

Shorthaircollie-Mix from Greece, * May 2009. Our watchdog, who likes to bark when strangers are coming.