That´s me, Jürgen, born 1972. I begun to ride at the adult age, but you see: It´s never too late to start new things! And: Riding is not just a „Girls-Sport“. In the last years in Germany I made my hobby to a profession: horse transport in Germany and Europe (e.g. Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden). Since my first tour in Sweden I have known that this is the right country for us and our animals, that wonderful nature.

That´s me, Melanie, born 1977. Typical girl I have been sitting on a horseback since the age of 8 years and I have never stopped riding. In 2005 i bought my first own horse, a P.R.E.-Stallion (Bucanero XIV). With him, I made my first experience in the spanish/barock riding and was pulled under it´s spelled. My very last discovery is „Working Equitation“. Find more about me in the topic „Riding Lessons“.

We have been a team since 1995. In August 2011, we decided to emigrate to Sweden with all our animals, to be closer to them and to the nature. That wish came true in the summer of 2012. So we packed up all our staff and animals and drove off. In July 2012, we reached our new home and are now happy about the opening of our Ranch 52 in March 2013 in Buskahult.

„Ranch 52“ and all its offers are made by Melanie. She made her dream come true: working and living with the horses.

We speak german, english and swedish!

We are glad and proud, to bring back to life the well-known team „Stall Team Woks“ from Ninni Liljegren and Patrik Lindhe after more than three years. And we are very grateful to these two, that they trust in us and help us so much!

Our small Idyll is situated in the middle of the swedish forest, near to Urshult with shops, hotels and camping ground ( and - of course - many small and large lakes).

Our horses live all the year round in their herd. Horses are not loners or cave dwellers, but rather animals, who live in a herd on the prairie. Our idea is to provide a most natural way of life to them. They express their gratitude in their balanced mental and loved behaviour, their good health and top motivation. You are welcome to discuss the pros and cons of the different ways of keeping horses and why we do it our way having a cup coffe and watching the horses.

Enjoy the nature 52 weeks a year